Selection of Right Career

  Selection of right career

With many options, it might be very difficult to choose your career path. If you are unable to select your career path follow the below process this will increase the chances to make the right decision.

 Assess yourself:

Before choosing your career it is essential for you to assess yourself, you should know about yourself. Consider your skills, interest, and values.  Asses the occupation which suits your personality. Exercise a self-assessment and career test tool to assess yourself. After using these tools, still you are not able to assess your personality to a career counselor.

Explore the list of occupations:

When you will explore the list of occupations, you will have many occupations.  Keep yourself in each occupation by using a self-assessment tool.

First, Shortlist the occupation which suits your personality and skills. It is essential that you have relevant skills to adopt the profession.

Make informational interviews:

After shortlisting the occupation you will be some a small list with few occupations.  Meet the people who work in those professions. We will get some basic information about your career and also will clear your doubts, also access the social network to gather the information regarded to your profession.

Make your Career decision:

After doing the research you will be able to make a decision to choose your career path. Select the profession which will give you more satisfaction.  Once you make the final decision about your career path, select your career goals.

Make an action plan:

After deciding the goals you should have to make an action plan to achieve your goals. It is advisable that write your goals on paper and take steps of your goals.  Make a map that will lead you from point A to point B. Write down steps of all goals including short-term goals.

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