Top Ten Jobs in Pakistan

Top Ten Jobs in Pakistan

There is a huge gap in Human Resource (HR) Industry, neither employer nor job seekers know the exact compensation decision in the industry. Both parties are confused about deciding the compensation packages.

The following are the top ten highly compensated jobs in the job market industry.

1. Brand Management and Marketing:

According to different surveys, brand management and Marketing are highly compensated jobs in Pakistan. Because of most of the Multinational companies hiring individuals and establishing a department for marketing and brand management. The job growth ratio is also high in this profession.  FMGC, Banking, and Telecom Sector paying the highest compensation packages for this profession.

2. Supply Chain and procurement:

The second most profession in demand is Supply chain and procurement. Individuals who want to start a career in procurement and supply chain study the MBA Supply Chain and MBA Procurement. Many Wholesaler companies want to control costs and improve the supply chain system.

3. Project Management:

Some institutes providing training on project management, some companies also providing training to their employees for project management. Project management required knowledge of some different industries and the Specified qualification for project management is MBA Project management. Candidates who can start their profession in project Management study MBA project Management to grow their career at the managerial level.

4. Business Development and Sales:

This profession is also in demand in today’s job market industry. Because every business required the promotion of Sales and Business management to increase profitability.  Qualification required for joining this profession is with specialized subjects of business development and sales. Insurance, Banking, and telecom industries hiring those professionals.

5. Mechanical Engineering:

Qualification required for this profession is MSC Engineering and the main recruiters of this profession are Oil and gas sector and FMCG. Many graduates of this profession also migrate overseas because this profession is also in demand in many other countries.

6. HR Management:

HR management is also a very booming profession and has a good growth level for entry-level professionals. Qualification required for this profession in specialized in Human resource management. Pakistan’s corporate sector is also promoting this profession and there are also many recruitment agencies providing recruitment services to their client in the corporate and public sectors.

7. Telecom Engineering:

Telecom engineering is in explosive growth in Pakistan.  Previously Electrical Engineers were being hired in Telecom Sector and then trained for telecom engineering. But now many engineering institutes proving services for training telecom engineering.  The growth rate in this sector is extremely high as compare to other engineering qualifications because telecom engineers are the backbones of the telecom industry.

8. Accounting and Finance:

Many professional bodies providing training to accounting and finance professionals worldwide. The most popular degrees for this profession are ACCA, CA ICMA, PIPFA, MBA Finance, and MSC accounting and finance. This profession has vacancies in all sectors. Accounting Finance is itself an industry that provides its services in the corporate and public sectors.

9. Software Engineering:

The most popular engineering is Software Engineering in the engineering discipline.  Although the salary package for entry-level professionals is not very high experienced professionals earning good composition packages. The most popular degree for this profession is BSC / MSC in Software engineering. Many public and private providing coaching of this qualification.

10. Creative Designing:

Creative designing is also becoming a popular profession in today’s market due to the conversation of manual systems to computerized systems. There are some HEC approved institutes providing coaching for this profession. Experienced professionals enjoying high remuneration packages in the industry.

Each profession has its value and importance, but it is necessary for job seekers to learn all the required facts to join a profession for their successful career.

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