Government Jobs in Pakistan

Looking for government opportunities:

If you are looking for a Government Job, in this article I will discuss the security and benefits of government jobs. Most citizens prefer federal government jobs border patrol, law enforcement, administration, civil services, and some other categories.  Federal jobs are available nationwide and every citizen can apply if he/she fulfill the required criteria.

Education Requirements:

Many jobs required a Bachelor’s degree or associate degree and some upper-level jobs required a Masters Qualification.    Some job vacancies required specific qualifications and training Like Engineering, Judiciary, and Medical, etc.  So it is important to read the announcement and required qualifications and skills.  Submit your job application according to the announced requirements.

Education Required for Jobs
Education Required for Jobs

Military Jobs:

Although military jobs are very tough many citizens still want to join military services, some of them want to start a career and others want to serve their nation. Irrespective of reason military jobs are secure and considered most respectable in many countries. There is no requirement for higher qualifications to join the military because joining the military as a soldier or junior commissioned officer higher schools’ certificate would be required.  Military jobs often announced twice in a year in many countries. If you want to join the Military be concise for job announcements.

Military Jobs

Skills Based Jobs:

These jobs are skills-based mean required employees for specific skills. These jobs often announce in national or private newspapers and offer candidates to submit the resume with particular skills.  These recruitment have a significant impact that how the applicant described him/her herself in the job application. The most important thing after submitting a successful job application is the interview process. In the interview, the interviewer assesses the skills of an applicant. If a candidate passes the interview then he/she will be successful for obtaining the job.

Skilled Based Jobs
Skilled Based Jobs

Civil Services Jobs:

Civil service’s job is the most favorite job for many citizens. Civil services include many departments like district management, Police department, Foreign affairs, etc. This job might be attained through competitive exams. All interested candidates submit their applications and appear in the test but the government only recruits only the required number of candidates. If the government required only 300 candidates then they will select top-scored 300 hundred candidates.

Services Jobs
Services Jobs


The government announces many jobs through a third party hiring mean to use different mediums for recruitment, use some recruitment agencies. In Pakistan, The federal government uses the Federal Public service commission (FPSC) National testing system, Pakistan testing system, etc. These recruitment agencies arrange all hiring processes for government jobs. FPSC itself a department under the federal government that only provides hiring services to the federal government.

Posts Rating
Posts Rating

For provincial recruitments, each province has its own testing system, which operates under the provincial government.  In Punjab, Punjab public service commission provides recruitment services in Punjab. Sindh public service commission provides services to the Sindh government.


Government jobs are most secure from the private sector although their remuneration packages might be slightly lower than some private sectors. Because the government provides many benefits other than net salaries like lump-sum pension, monthly pension after retirement, free medical to the employee and his/her dependents. If someone dies during service his widow and minor child obtain pension and other ancillary benefits from the government.

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