How to make money on Fiverr

How to make money on Fiverr

Are you are looking for online earning? The easiest way to learn little skills and sell your skill on the international market. Fiverr is the most popular portal for new entrants.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online portal that allows freelancers to make the profile on the website and sale skills on the international market. Fiverr allows users to post their work at $5 to $1000. Buyers can directly coordinate with the seller.
You can sell following your skills and services on Fiverr.
SEO Services
Bookkeeping Services
Photo Editing Services
Social Media Management Services.
Graphic Designing
Data Entry
Content Writing
Video Editing and many more

How can create an account?

You can sign up for your Fiverr account by using your E-mail address, Google Account, or Social Media Account like Twitter, Face book. When your signup process is completed, sign in to your Fiverr account and explore the dashboard.

Account signup

How Can Make Money From Fiverr ?

After signing your account Create a GIG according to your skills like Bookkeeping, Graphic designing, Content writing, or any other skill you have. The most trending GIGS on Fiverr are Graphic Designing, Content Writing, and Search Engine Optimization.
If you don’t have any advanced level of technical skills, don’t worry there are many opportunities for low-skilled and newbie Like data entry, Social media management, photo editing, and many more.
After publishing your GIG online buyers can see your services throughout the world and can access you directly through Fiverr and you can sales your services in the international market.

After publishing GIG:

After publishing the GIG online if you don’t receive any order then you have to promote your GIG by using different portals Like Social Media, Freelancer Portal, etc. There is also another option that you have to respond to the buyer’s request directly received in the Fiverr seller’s account.

How can respond to Buyers requests:

Every active seller receives the buyer’s request on Fiverr through buyers. If you are an entrant then you have to focus on buyers’ requests and respond immediately.
After Signing your Fiverr Seller account click on more and select buyers’ requests and respond to your appropriate request accordingly.

After receiving the order:

After completion of your order, you have to respond to buyers immediately and ask for a review of your work. If buyers agreed with your work then go completion but if asked about revision then revise your task according to requirements and resubmit it.
Your Order will be marked completed within 3 days and payments will be proceeds within 14 days.
Methods for receiving your Earnings:

This most common question “how can I receive my earned money from Fiverr?”
Fiverr allows you to connect your Paypal or Payoneer account with Fiverr and after completion of your order, you can withdraw your earned amount from Fiverr.
If you are in Pakistan then you cannot opt for the option of Paypal because Paypal’s services are not available for Pakistan and you have to opt for Payoneer or direct Fiverr card. Link your local bank account with Payoneer.


Fiverr is the best online free portal for new freelancers because Fiverr doesn’t charge any initial subscription fee to its users. Fiverr charged its service fees after earning.

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